Jack and Laura’s storysmallbox

Jack and Laura are husband and wife. They were referred to LegaCare as they both had been diagnosed with cancer and wanted help with their Wills and care planning going forward. A solicitor visited them at their home and took

Debbie’s Story

When Debbie, mum of three from North Shields, found out that LegaCare also advised carers, she knew that she had finally found some longed for assistance. Two of her three children have genetic disorders and her eldest, Amy, was soon

Janet’s Story

Sara’s Story

Sara, aged 46 was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012.  She was given the all clear in October 2013.  However, November 2013 she was told the cancer had returned and she was terminally ill.  She had 3 children, one aged

John’s Story

John was 49 and a single parent who brought up his 6 children single handedly.  LegaCare was contacted by John’s nurse as he was in a state of panic because he hadn’t made a will.  The nurse explained that John

Edna’s Storybox100

Brian was diagnosed with the late stage bile duct cancer and underwent successful surgery to control the spread of the disease. During this time, he attempted to manage his affairs to simplify matters for his wife should the worst happen.

Alan’s Story

Alan, aged 47  had been told that he had Leukaemia and needed to undergo extensive treatment.  He was married with two young boys.  He was employed in a call centre and spent most of his time sitting at a desk

Graham’s Story

Graham lived with his partner for many years but they never married. When Graham was diagnosed with terminal cancer he wanted to make sure his partner was not in need of anything when he was not there. Graham’s Macmillan nurse


 Bill’s Story

Bill is married and has 4 children. Unfortunately at the time of referral to LegaCare, Bill was in hospital undergoing treatment for cancer.  His wife was also in hospital with ill health which caused Bill additional anxiety and stress. A

Glenda’s Story

I would like to say a special THANK YOU to the team at LegaCare, on behalf of myself and the rest of my family for the help they gave my late mother in her hour of need. Suffering from lung