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How You Can
Access Help

To access our services, clients and/or their families should be referred to LegaCare through health and social care professionals, for example hospital consultants, nurses, social workers or GP's.  This is because we are a small charity and wouldn't want to let anybody down.



You must live in the North East of England.


You must be referred to us by a healthcare professional.


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You must earn under £30,000 per year.


You must need help with private client law such as Wills, LPA's.

For every patient referred, we have a first consultation to discuss your legal needs and how our charity can help you. All of our legal advice and services are free if you earn less than £30,000 per year or have savings of less than £8,000. If you do not qualify for free legal care, we would still like to help you with your legal affairs so we ask that you make a donation to our charity in return for our legal help.

Important Information:

Whilst it is our intention to assist as many patients as possible, we are a very small team with limited resources and therefore we may not always be in a position to assist. No NHS Healthcare Foundation Trusts, Hospice or Healthcare accepts liability for the advice of LegaCare (UK) Ltd, its staff, agents, or representatives. Other legal services and law firms can be found at the Law Society, or call 0207 242 1222. The Citizens Advice Bureau can also offer assistance at 

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