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Since LegaCare began in 2011, we have helped over 5,000 terminally ill patients and their families. Every person we help has a different story with different legal needs, this page shares what some of our previous patients have to say about us...

Michael's Story

Michael has stage 5 Parkinsons disease and 7 years ago found himself in a difficult situation after changing medication. He developed a gambling  addiction as a side affect of the medication and spent 7 years tackling the council to try and get them to become Appointees to take control of his money.  It got to the stage where Michael became severely depressed and his doctor introduced him to Meg at LegaCare who helped get the Appointeeship put in place.   Michael now volunteers at the LegaCare office twice a week to help stay positive and to also give back to the charity. 

"LegaCare is like being part of a family, I couldn't thank Meg more"

"I'd like to thank anyone who's offered their help, it's been great, thank you so much"

Kate's Story

Kate was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  She lived in an upstairs flat and found it increasingly difficult to go out, as her health deteriorated. LegaCare helped Kate not only with putting her affairs in order, but helped her secure a new flat;  assisted with the move and helped to find a home for Merlin, Kate's rabbit. 

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