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10 Million Steps in April

The EPA team at NCFE have set themselves a mammoth challenge to complete 10million steps in April (yes, you read that right!) to help raise funds for LegaCare. In April, 37 members of the EPA team, who live all around the UK are walking their socks off to hit the 10million steps goal and raise £1,000 for our charity.

As LegaCare is a charity that helps terminally ill people, there has sadly been a huge increase of patients who have needed our help and support this year throughout the pandemic. As a small charity we have been pushed to the limit but have still helped hundreds of people in the past year to sort out their legal affairs and gain peace of mind at a critical point of their lives.

We are so grateful to the team at NCFE and each and every person who is taking on this challenge, as well as all of your amazing family and friends who have donated. We're also very excited that the team have already hit 5 MILLION steps so they're well on their way to smashing the 10 million goal!

If you'd like to donate and support the team, this is the link for the fundraising page:

.. and once again to the team, thank you so much for doing this challenge and raising funds for our charity at a very critical time.



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