None of us really want to consider the possibility that we'll suffer a serious illness.  But if you ever do think about it, you probably think about doctors, nurses, carers, and of course your family.   What might never cross your mind is that you may also need legal help, but once you start thinking about it (your job, who will look after your children, paying your mortgage or rent, insurance claims, pension entitlement, debt, wills and lasting powers of attorney) you'll realise that for many patients suffering with terminal or life threatening illnesses they have a legal minefield to deal with, on top of everything else.

Enter Legacare.  The charity was set up in 2011 and it aims to provide specialist professional legal advice quickly, sensitively and and at the patient's preferred place for assistance, normally at home, hospital or hospice.  The service is free to anybody who has an income of £30,000 or saving of £8,000 or less.  However, we are delighted to help patients who may not qualify on financial grounds, in return we ask for an affordable donation or contribution to fees which can be agreed at the first meeting (which is free in any event).


“You can’t under estimate how important it is to have this kind of service when you are so ill that you can hardly handle your illness let alone everything else that’s going on around you.

The help and advice from LegaCare has been invaluable.”