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If you are affected by a life threatening/terminal illness then your pension entitlement is incredibly important.  Pension schemes are quite rightly protected by stringent legislation to ensure that your rights and benefits are properly protected. However, in a constantly shifting pensions landscape, changes may be made to your scheme that are detrimental to your final pension and mistakes are also frequently made with regards to issues such as pension overpayments.

Your pension is quite probably the most valuable investment you have after your home; so you really can't afford to leave too much to chance when your future income and lifestyle is at stake.

Our solicitors are most commonly asked to advise about:

  • What is a commutation? 

  • Advice about the various offers your pension provider may offer you.

  • Whether you can change the person you have nominated to receive your pension (upon your death)

  • Whether you can you nominate a partner to receive your pension upon your death?

  • What are there any tax liabilities on taking a lump sum?

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